Making (Hassle-Free) Time for Us

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So many of us have been there: a few years into a relationship, and it starts to feel like a chore scheduling one-on-one time and date nights. It's easy to get lazy and - while we love a night in watching our favorite shows together - we also realize how important it is to continue making the relationship feel like it did when we first met and started dating. Sometimes (maybe always?), that's easier said than done! We both have busy jobs, and we've found that the fairy tale of time just magically appearing is exactly that: a fairy tale. With that said, we've started making sure to talk about how we can schedule more time for each other.


In so many ways, becoming engaged hasn't changed the way we interact. Sure, we often find ourselves busy planning for a wedding and potentially buying our first home, but we are still the same two people in a relationship that we cherish so much. We've found that a "Sunday night pull-up" is the best way to figure out scheduling time for us as a team. Date night has become an important evening for us with our busy schedules, but we still need to make sure things run as smoothly as possible during these nights!


The inevitable is always going to happen. For us, the inevitable is Nick taking forever to get ready and never being able to find parking in our favorite neighborhood downtown! I can't tell you how many times we've just ordered in and put the sweatpants on because we absolutely dread trying to find parking downtown. We have - however - found an amazing solution to at least one of the problems (and sorry, Nick, it isn't you taking forever to get ready): it's Price Protection on UberX that is a benefit of our Platinum Tier status on the new Uber Rewards.


We unlocked Platinum Tier not long ago and, as soon as we did, we were able to set our two favorite locations. For us, this meant home (obviously) and our favorite downtown pizza spot, surrounded by  so many cute cafes, awesome restaurants! With that location set, our UberX rides between our home and current go-to date night spot will always be up to 35% less than what everyone else pays on that route either way. We've been loving being Platinum Tier and Price Protection on UberX, because we are protected from the highest prices during busy times. Not only does this remove the hassle of trying to find parking downtown, but it helps us spend time enjoying date night to the fullest! The route can also be changed every 30 days, so we can spice up locations to keep date night unique!

I don't know if I'll ever be able to get Nick to be ready at a reasonable time for date night, but Price Protection on UberX and the benefits of Uber Rewards definitely has taken some of the hassle and frustration out of scheduling date night. The busier we get with our jobs and our life, the more we value little things that make our lives and our relationship easier. Scheduling time for each other continues to be something that we continually work on, and it has helped us continue to keep the flames alive!